Our services aim to satisfy our clients’ demand providing customized solutions according to the company’s requirements and the employees’ needs.
Our support throughout the entire transferee’s assignment ensures a more productive employee and a more satisfied company.

Immigration services are necessary to start a new life and thus to work in the new country.



    • Work permits, Visas and Permits to stay
    • Tax registration numbers/fiscal codes
    • Residency registrations at the city hall
    • Registrations at the national health system
    • Identity cards
    • Legalization and translation of documents
    • Conversion of driving licenses and car registrations
    • Residency Car permits
    • Assistances in opening bank accounts

Relocation services are necessary to let you feel at home



  • Orientation programs to learn about the ‘place’ before establishing your new residency, practical aspects of daily life, local real estate market, rental terms, housing based on client budget and requirements, schools overview
  • Coordination of the moving in operations
  • House Hunting (total or partial) packages based on budget/needs, number of visits to the properties, areas, work schedule, scanning of the housing market, preselection of the properties, accompanied visits to properties, explanation of lease terms and general customs, assistance for preparation and submission of the rental proposal, support during lease negotiation, organisation of the rental contract signing, check-in/inventory  operations, opening of the utilities contracts, garbage tax registration.
  • Stipulation of the utilities contracts
  • Phone and email support in the management of any needs or daily problems which may arise during the rental period .
  • Lease termination assistance
  • Departure Programs: assistance to the expat during the check out operations, inventory of the property, cancellation of the utilities
  • Coordination of the moving out operations
  • Residency and Tax garbage de-registrations